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Benefits and Harms of Walnuts

A walnut − we all know this plant very well. As a rule, the prefix "Greek" is not used in our speech, so under the word "walnut" the majority understands namely walnut. The walnut tree grows almost everywhere in the warm climate because it is unpretentious to the conditions of life, and it can withstand low temperatures in winter, and the scorching sun in summer. As for fruits of the walnut, they begin to appear on a tree only when it turns ten years old, and, the more the age of a tree, the more it starts to set fruits. So, let us dwell on the useful properties of the walnuts, let us see how you can become healthier and stronger with them and what can be dangerous in them? 

Useful Composition and Properties of Walnut

The walnut's composition is very specific and unique. The nuts contain a lot of iodine, and its percentage takes the largest share among other mineral substances. In addition, the nuts contain and vitamins of the different groups. Here, you can find vitamin A, which is unique in its properties, and a group of vitamins B, which also has its own unique peculiarities. Among other things, the nuts contain vitamin E, including vitamin F, uncharacteristic for other products. Also, this walnut is known for the fact that it contains many vegetable proteins. Thanks to the presence of  unique substances in its composition, the walnut (as have already said above) has the same unique useful also properties too, which we now consider.
So, as for the normal dosage per day, it is enough to eat five-seven nuts a day. Firstly, it will be a normal daily dosage, and secondly, the nuts can repel radionuclides from itself, so you are exposed the less radiation than usual (by the way, do not be frightened by the word "radiation", since it is always present around us, in the most cases − within the limits of the norm). Also, the walnuts will help fighting with such a disease as the avitaminosis. Not only they will saturate the organism with their vitamins, so they can also help better absorbing other vitamins which coming from the other foods. Of course, not as apples, but the walnuts can also help saturate the organism with useful iron, as well as cobalt, which is absent in almost all other vegetables or fruits.
The walnut is an effective medicament with such diseases as anemia, as well as diseases of the digestive system, organs of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver and so on. Perhaps, the walnuts and are not a full-fledged medicament for these ailments and diseases, but they largely have a preventive effect in such cases. In addition, the nuts often help with atherosclerosis and stimulate the cardiovascular system, contributing to the sclerotic plaques' resorption in the vessels, thereby improving their permeability.
Those, who suffer from diabetes, need to pay particular attention to the use of nuts. It is possible to make various tinctures from the walnuts, and they can be made not only from fruits themselves, but also, for example, from the septums of seeds of the nuts. As a result, a very useful tincture is obtained, which will help to significantly reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Now, look at the recipe for such a tincture:

- polish about 35-40 septums from the nuts;
- pour by boiling water and hold for one hour in a water bath;
- cool and filter the water bath;
- take such tincture on a teaspoon three times per day.
The walnut will help solving problems with the sexual function, and no matter who it is, a girl or men. To increase the beneficial effect, it is recommended to use the walnuts together with the honey and the dried fruits. Also, they are very useful with the warm milk, and this mixture will help fighting and catarrhal diseases. To a great extent, the walnut has its effect and on the digestive organs, in particular with diseases of the stomach, the pancreas and the intestines. With pain and other symptoms, you need to eat the nuts as a sedative. Also, you can make the same tincture for this on the basis of alcohol.

It requires:

- about 25-40 septums of the nuts;
- pour a glass of alcohol;
- insist on two-three weeks;
- take 10-15 drops twice a day, diluting with a glass of water.
By the way, in walnuts everything is useful - from the peel and the fruit itself, to the leaves and the green skin of the walnut shell. The walnuts are used as a disinfectant for baths, and are also often used in the cosmetology, having a significant effect on the human skin.

Harmful Effect of Walnut

The walnut is strictly contraindicated to the people who have an allergy to iodine. This can cause the allergy itself, and cause it to develop. In addition, an excessive consumption of the walnuts can cause damage to the digestive organs, which will be accompanied by pains and discomfort. Thus, when using the walnuts, you need to monitor the amount and dosage of this product.

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