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Nutmeg - Benefit and Harm of Product

A famous, exquisite spice for preparing various dishes is rightfully considered the nutmeg, imported in the USA. Someone is sure of medicinal properties of this nut, and someone − argent that this is a poison and a hallucinogen. And, indeed, the nutmeg is not the easiest product to discuss. It has a dual nature, represents both a useful spectrum of action, and bears some harm. 

Therefore, in this article, we will describe in which cases the nutmeg shows an invaluable benefit, and in which − it is better to refrain from such spice. 

Nutmeg − as Culinary Spice 

As a spice, the ground nutmeg is perfect for cooking any dishes, including the meat ones and the desserts. So, the nut can increase your appetite and speed up the digestion. It is not for nothing that the nutmeg is seasoned with meat and fish, various dishes from the liver and pates. 

At the same time, it is used in the sweet preparations − puddings, dairy products, combined with baked fruit or chocolate. The nutmeg will give to any sauce a distinctive taste and aroma. It is added to some sauces, especially in the tomato sauce. They are seasoning the soups and the salads, the various pastries, boiled rice, etc., with the ground nutmeg. 

In Italy, the nutmeg seasoned with the vegetable stew, and in Britain − lightly sprinkled with the oranges. However, like any other product, nutmeg to taste is not for all. Therefore, before using it, make sure that the spice will be pleased both you and your family by adding a small amount of this nut. 

Useful Properties of Nutmeg 

Now, what is as regards the beneficial properties of this amazing spice? The official medicine and folk-healers are convinced that the nutmeg helps cope with a large quantity of ailments. The benefits of this product are explained by the rich composition − vitamins A, C and PP, a group of vitamins B, the micro-elements − magnesium and potassium, phosphorus, ferrum, zinc and selenium. In the nutmeg the folic acid is present, as well as the essential oils. 

This nut has a strong tonic as well as the stimulating effect. It helps at the stomach upset, the digestive disturbance, has an astringent and carminative properties. Moreover, the nutmeg helps strengthen the immunity, and cope with the inflammation in organism. 

Regular use of dishes with the addition of nutmeg, improve the cerebral circulation, will enhance your memory. Especially useful is the nutmeg for women, as a tool for restoring the menstrual cycle. The nutmeg is effective for the insomnia or nervous breakdowns, and the warmed milk with the honey and the nutmeg is an excellent soothing. 

Nutmeg helps a weakened body with the low immunity, cope with the viral diseases, it strengthens it during ailments, helps eliminate bad breath, and also relieves diarrhea. The nutmeg helps keep the body healthy and young, facilitates and calms the vessels in the development of varicose veins. For men, this spice is also very useful, as a means to restore potency, and it is recommended for the erectile dysfunction. 

Usage of Nutmeg 

As a rule, overall it is used the ground nutmeg, and for preparing the medicinal forms, either infusions or powder on its base are used. So, it is enough to drink at 0.5-1.5 grams of powder a day, or to make infusion, taking just 0.5g of nutmeg, pour over by one cup of boiling water, and insist 60 minutes. A cup of infusion is drunk during three-four sessions for the day. 

With the development of such diseases as the arthritis or the osteochondrosis, it is advisable to apply the nutmeg outwardly. For this, just a couple of grams of the ground nut is added to the cream, so the product will have an invigorating and warming effect. 

The essential oil obtained from the fetuses of the nutmeg tree has the same properties as the nutmeg. Add two-three drops to the aroma lamp or the inhaler, and the spicy aroma will soothe you, improve the condition of the respiratory system and reduce inflammation in respiratory diseases. 

Apply it and for the medical compresses at arthritis, inflammation. In 100 grams of water, five to six drops drip. Such compresses can be either hot or cold. 

Harm of Nutmeg 

On the internet you can find many tips and recipes for preparing a psychedelic product from the nutmeg. It is worth noting that this kind of substance has a negative effect on the organism. In large quantities, the nutmeg is very toxic and harmful! It strongly affects the liver, and the first signs of poisoning are redness of the eyes and the dry mouth, the severe headache and the nausea. 

Uncontrolled consumption leads to increase the temperature, the blood pressure and the loss of consciousness, to the indigestion and the constipation. Do not mix the nutmeg with the alcoholic beverages, the medicines, etc.

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