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Useful Properties of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts (pignolias, cedar nuts) are today considered a delicacy. And this is really so because in selling them far not so much as sunflower seeds, in addition, the prices for nuts are relatively very high. The nuts are procured from the cedar and the Siberian pine. Coniferous trees can grow for a very long time, and the maturation of cones and nuts does not happen very quickly. As a rule, their ripening takes a little more than a year, and in one cone there are only 100-150 seeds. That is why, the pine nuts are considered a rarity, and their cost in supermarkets is far from low.
It should be noted that these nuts have a lot of useful properties. In addition, they are eaten not only by people, but also by numerous forest dwellers − squirrels, wild boars, mice and so on. Let us look at the pine nuts' properties and see whether they really fit their price?

Composition of Pine Nuts

The composition of pine nuts is a lot of useful substances. In general, the fruits of coniferous plants do have many useful properties, and the cedar is no exception. So, in the composition of its nuts there are many minerals and vitamins, which are useful for our body. Among them there is a full set of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, amino acids and trace elements. They contain:

- iron and phosphorus;
- copper and iodine;
- zinc and boron;
- nickel and silicon;
- tin and magnesium;
- vitamins K, a group of vitamins B and E.
In addition, the composition of nuts is still about forty different elements, and some of them are simply irreplaceable for our body. From this it follows that pine nuts will have a lot of useful properties with their high enough caloric content (580 kcal per 100 mgs).

Useful Properties of Pine Nuts

Since the nuts contain such a substance as arginine, they have one special function − they contribute to the replenishment of the body with nitric oxide, which plays an important role in the metabolism, and also positively affects the work of the nervous system. In addition, this same substance helps strengthen immunity, so nuts are an excellent means for preventing from diseases.
The pine nuts to a large extent affect the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. They stabilize the internal pressure in the veins, thereby equalizing the work of the heart, leading the number of its contractions to norma. In addition, the pine nuts reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also contribute to the preservation of the water balance in the body. It is especially useful to eat nuts at the age of 35-40 years, when the body begins to age a little. The pine nuts will help keeping the water balance. Water will do much less volatilize from the body, so, despite the 60-70-years-old, the water content in the human body will be about 65-70% (rather than 55-58%, as is usually observed in the organism of this age), which accordingly affects the prolongation of the youth of the human body.
The presence of zinc in the pine nuts activates the regenerative function of the body. The latter promotes the rapid healing of internal and external wounds, cuts, bleeding and so on. In addition, zinc improves the functioning of the prostate (not too many other products have this property). To increase brain and physical activity, it is needed the micro element such as boron, which presents in the composition of the pine nuts. There are calcium and phosphorus in the nuts, which contribute to the strengthening and growth of teeth and the bone system as a whole.
The pine nuts are useful to use when there are problems with eyesight because the components that make up them increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the eyeball. In general, the pine nuts are very useful for the precaution and strengthening of immunity, as many other pine fruits have exactly the same property.

Are There Any Contraindications?

The pine nuts are famous for their harmlessness. This product is very nutritious and, at the same time, useful. There cannot be the pine nuts' overjolt. In fact, the norm is one ounce of nuts per day, but even if you eat three and a half ounces of nuts, nothing bad will happen to you. Yes, they have a bit high calorific value content, but it does not in any way interfere with the usage of nuts in such quantity. Of course, people who are sensitive to obesity may not be fond of the nuts, but they are at least not contraindicated them to them.
The only thing that should be paid attention when eating the pine nuts is their freshness. Often come across the spoiled, flaccid nuts, covered with fungus and so on. Of course, such nuts should not be eaten, so just give them up. Thus, the use of the pine nuts will not only be a pleasant treat, but also an excellent means of improving health.

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