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Why Is It So Important to Eat Peanuts?

A peanut (groundnut) is one of the few nuts, the fruits of which grow under the ground. And indeed, in fact, the peanuts are a legume plant, but the fruits of peanuts are usually called the nuts. This is one of the most used products among these types. Everyone enjoys it − the children consume the sweet or the salty peanuts, and the adults often buy the salted peanuts for a beer. Are there any benefits in these nuts, or have they any contraindications? Let us take a closer look at the peanuts to be absolutely sure of their useful or, however, harmful properties.

How Is Peanuts Grown?

Many people have a wrong opinion about how the peanuts grow. And at a time when many people think that they grow on the bushes or the trees, they are in the ground like potatoes. Yes, the peanuts are growing like the potatoes − their fruits are ripened in the ground, and on a surface you can see only the small bushes. Another amazing feature is the fact that during the pollination the plants give only flowers that are situated the closest to the ground. After a flower fertilizes and fades, it sprouts a long tendril (or rod) down, and for some time this tendril has reached the earth surface, digging into it to a depth of about four inches. So, at this depth, it begins to tie the peanut tuber, forming the beans. By the way, one bean can contain from two to four units of peanuts, which in the production are broken in half, and there are getting already eight lobes of the nutlets.
Also, noteworthy is the fact that the peanut shell is of firm structure enough, and it is quite difficult to open it with bare hands. This density is the most likely since that the peanuts are grown in hot climates under the scorching sun, and in order to protect it from the heat, which accumulates in the ground just as much, the beans are overgrown with such a hard shell.  Harvesting peanuts is almost the same as collecting potatoes. For this, it is enough to take a shovel and a bucket and start digging. The harvested crop should not be cleaned at once, it is necessary to wait that the nuts are a little dried, and it will take about a month.
By the way, today the peanuts grow in many regions with the hot climate, they are not capricious to weather conditions, and therefore you can try to plant a few bushes, if there is such an opportunity.

Useful Composition and Qualities of Peanuts

The peanuts contain many different substances, both useful and those that can harm. However, unlike other nuts, the peanuts contain very little fat, and maybe this is because peanuts are not a real nut, but a legume plant, but the fact remains. Also, there are useful vitamins in the composition of peanuts, namely:

- vitamins of group B;
- vitamin PP;
- vitamins E and D.
This is not so much, but the composition of peanuts also includes the minerals, as well as the saturated amino acids (there are also unsaturated, but less of them). As for the distinctive composition of peanuts, some water-soluble fractions can be found in it. This tells us that the nuts contain protein, which, when consumed, will be absorbed by the organism fully and will have its beneficial effect on the human body, which is one of its key functions. As for caloric content, then it is equal to 610 kcal per 100 mgs.
So, what are the main useful peanuts' properties? First, this is that this product is like "vegetable meat" which contains a lot of protein, and which, in turn, contributes to the growth and development of muscles, gives strength and energy. In addition, the peanuts have a positive effect on the work of the heart and liver, pancreas and the stomach itself. The peanuts significantly improve and increase blood coagulation, which is very important for people of any age, and for children even more so.
In addition, the peanuts are excellent as a choleretic agent, contribute to the fight against sclerotic diseases, and also have a beneficial effect on the sexual function. The peanuts are especially useful for vegetarians, since these nuts are very good substitutes for meat and protein in general. It is useful to eat the peanuts on an empty stomach, however, in moderation. And at last, it is an amazing nut's property − on the one hand, the peanuts stimulate appetite at the expense of essential oils, on the other, it will well saturate our body and in this, its property of "double standards" is manifested. In addition, the peanuts are effective for increasing the acuity of hearing and vision, helping avoid various diseases of these organs.

Harmful Properties of Peanuts and Possible Contraindications

As for the negative qualities of peanuts, they are also present. First, it is always necessary to observe the sense of proportion in the use of such nuts. After all, an excessive amount can lead to the body weight gain, and the development of diseases such as the arthritis or the gout. Also, it is strongly not recommended for gastric diseases since the substances that make up the peanuts can become irritants of ulcers, walls of digestive organs and so on.
In the rest, the peanuts are quite safe. And more what you should know - the nuts need to enter into the children's diet gradually, so as not to disturb the functionality of their digestive organs.

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