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Millet − Useful Properties and Medicinal Effects

Millet, like wheat, is an annual plant, and just like wheat, belongs to the cereal family of plants. At the same time, it is spread all over the world; it is possible to meet a large quantity of this product on any continent of our planet. In fact, there are over 400 species of the millet. This plant is clearly different from its cereal counterparts in that it has excellent resistance, grows very well on dry or capricious soil, and that the most important (especially, to date) is that millet tolerates high temperatures that is the heat. That is why it grows both in dry regions of the planet, and in humid regions. Among other things, the millet can also be found as a weed that is such a product is not considered an agricultural crop.

By nutrition, the millet is at least inferior to the rice, but it also has very serious energy indicators. In order for this cereal to be the most useful, it needs to be properly harvested it and stored. And if you are not going to do it, in any case, before buying a millet in the store, you will be able to determine whether, under the right conditions, it was harvested and stored or not. 

How to Harvest Millet for Winter? 

Like most cereal crops, the millet is harvested during the ripening of seeds, mowing the ears of this plant. It is stored, as well as the most crops, in dry and clean places, with a minimum of insects and pests. 

Therefore, when you come to the store, pay attention to that the millet would be pure and white. If there are dark spots on it, or film surface is visible on the grains, this is not a good sign. This means that during storage, the humidity has been increased and the product is already going to deteriorate. Therefore, closely monitor what you are buying because such a product will not bring any benefit to you, or your organism, or your loved ones. 

Like other cereals, the millet is used to make flour, as well as for feeding the livestock and birds. 

Composition of Useful Product and Millet's Medicinal Properties 

Since this graminaceous plant contains protein, and a sufficiently large amount, they produced from it very nutritious and quality flour, even more nutritious than the wheat analogs. In addition, the millet contains and starch, which is equal the amount of the rice starch. And this is also a very good sign. However, unlike the rice, there is not so much magnesium and potassium in the millet, but this does not make it a less useful product. 

The millet's treatment assigns to the people who regularly suffer from anemia or lack the organism of manganese and copper. Thus, with its constant millet's using the manganese promotes vasodilatation, which in turn helps to normalize the blood pressure.

Also, the millet can easily help you removing excess or residues of toxins, antibiotics and other substances that simply interfere with the body, which in turn helps protect the stomach and intestines. Thus, very often patients who take antibiotics are fed with the boiled millet as a food product to the table in order to remove these very remnants. 

The millet accelerates the healing processes of the surface and bone tissues in the body, so it will be applicable in a number of cases, when it is necessary to heal fractures and other similar troubles. Also, there is information that this cereal slows the development of malignant tumors, but, unfortunately, the rate of slowing is not enough. 

Millet and Folk-medicine − Created for Each Other 

To Combat Hypertension 

The product is used as follows − you need to take three tablespoons of millet and rinse it thoroughly. Then, clean it of impurities and debris, dry it and beat it manually or with a coffee grinder. This mixture should be consumed throughout the day and after that do not drink any other liquid. The results of taking this medication will be noticeable at least a week later. However, this is worthwhile. 

Tea for Hypertension 

The millet seeds are also useful in hypertension. In this case, you need to prepare a special tea. The recipe is quite simple and looks like this: 

- first brew the grains in the boiling water; 
- insist for two hours; 
- to improve the taste, you can add a pinch of chamomile or lemon balm to the tea; 

However, the main thing is to understand that it is necessary to take tea without sugar, so not everyone can like this very specific and bitter taste. 

Millet and diabetes − who is stronger? 

It turns out that the described cereal is very effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. For this the millet flour is used − so, it is taken about one tablespoon once a day, for several weeks. Periodically, it is necessary to check the diabetes' degree of the disease, and if it gradually decreases, then the millet flour is effective. 

For pancreatitis and similar diseases 

It is necessary to take just one cup of the millet and rinse it thoroughly. After that, pour the grain with water, in the amount of eight pints and cook until exactly until it turns into a mess. After that, pour the grain with water in the amount of eight pints and cook until exactly until it turns into porridge. Then, boil the porridge a little more (about 20 minutes) and get an excellent medicine for pancreatitis. However, that is not all. To increase the efficiency, it is more expedient to add olive oil to the remedy. Such a recipe will be, first, nutritious, and secondly, very useful in the treatment of the above disease. 

Millet in Biliary Tracts Treatment

For the treatment of these organs of the body, proceed as follows. It is necessary to take a cup of millet, rinse it thoroughly and pour it with three cups of the water. Next, cook until ready and remove from the heat. Cover the porridge and put for several hours, and after that divide into equal parts and proceed to the course of treatment for four days. This mixture does not need to be heated, as this will significantly reduce the medicinal effect of the product. Therefore, it is better to take this medication separately from the rest of the products. 

If Protein in Urine 

Today, more and more often people have ailments and kidney diseases, and the methods of treatment, we can say, stayed on (except, say, the ultrasonic therapy). That is, the drugs remained virtually the same as dozens of years ago. However, in this case, the recipe for a medicine prepared from the millet will be very effective. For this, it is necessary to rinse a cup of millet with the water, pour in it with two pints of boiling water, and then stir until the compound begins to grow turbid. 

The seeds germinated millet is easily digestible and has a sweet and pleasant flavor.

Next, you can express the medicine and take it throughout the day instead of the usual drink. This drug will displace an excessive amount of protein from the kidneys, replacing it with minerals and nutrients that are contained in the millet itself. The course of treatment in this case, it is assumed the order of three weeks. Therefore, before using, pass all the tests in order to know the amount of protein, and at the end of the treatment period, repeat them and make sure that this recipe has actually proved useful.

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