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Cloves − How to Be Healed Quickly and Effectively?

A person is engaged the cultivation of carnations during two thousand years. This plant is widely distributed throughout the world − it can be found both in Asia and in Europe, it occurs even in the northern regions of Africa. It is known that the bloodline Caryophyllaceae in itself is more than 300 different types and varieties of these carnations, which, by the way, has the most different medicinal and curative properties. In this article, we will discuss the two most common varieties of carnation, namely: 

- officinal cloves; 
- cloves as a spice (known to everyone who has a hobby - cooking in the kitchen). 

These two types are the most common − this clove can be bought in a pharmacy, in a store (in the department of spices and seasonings) and, if desired, even growing yourself. That is, to prepare a prescription based on this plant, you do not need to go to Asia or Africa, just go to the nearest grocery store. 

Clove's Storage Conditions 

Since each of us has a good idea of how it looks and that kind of clove, we do not need much in the detailed description. It is more expedient to indicate the way this plant is stored to preserve and improve all the beneficial properties contained in it. Since the medicinal purposes use the stem of the plant, its flowers and seeds, the herborization is making in the best time for it − during the flowering period of the plant. If you do not want to grow cloves, you can buy ready-made seeds, petals and so on. Since everything sold in the shops and outlets is collected during flowering, so these products are quite suitable for treatment. Keep the gathering in a dry place, so that the dried parts of the carnation did not get wet. It is exactly such a clove as much as possible for use. 

Using Cloves in Everyday Life 

Using Clove's Flowers 

Since we are talking about two different varieties of the plants, we note also the different degrees of application, even if it is similar in some ways. So, as a rule, these cloves find the widest application among gardeners. With their help, they create a variety of beautiful and pleasant flower gardens, are crowning, say, the Alpine rock gardens and create a variety of color curbs. In other words − the most spread of the clove's flowers function is decorativeness. 

Clove Tree in Everyday Life 

Unlike its namesake, the clove (that is, a clove tree), in this form is used more in cooking and other spheres of life. For example, it finds application in cigarettes in the countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines. In turn, all over the world, the fruits of the clove tree are also common as an additive to hot and alcoholic beverages − is used with a tea and coffee, is added to liqueurs and other alcoholic drinks. Of course, in the first place, such a clove is used in cooking. After all, in fact, its primary task is to add as spice; so it often finds its application with the fish, is added to the marinades and even the confectionery dishes. Among other things, the essential oil of the clove tree is widely used; this proves once again the widest range of application of this plant. 

Cave and Traditional Medicine 

Officinal Clove and Prescriptions 

So, depending on which disease or ailment you need to cope with, we have a rather numerous of the recipes based on an officinal clove. 

Treating asthma with its flowers decoction

In cases of combating such a horribly unpleasant disease as the asthma, it is necessary to prepare a clove's decoction. To do this, it needs a little - just six flower buds, it is necessary to pour with 1.0-1.3 oz of the clean, filtered water. After − boil for three-four minutes, and after cooling the mixture − take at one gulp, adding to it one teaspoon of the honey. Thus, taking the decoction three times a day, after a while the asthma symptoms will not be so painful, and as a result − there will be very likely recovery from this unpleasant disease. 

Getting rid of the nausea and vomiting 

With the help of an officinal clove you can get rid of such troubles as the nausea and vomiting. To do this, it is enough to one tablespoon of the honey; add on the tip of a knife with a ground clove, mixing it with honey and taking inside. The same recipe perfectly helps the girls during the period of toxicosis or with vomiting reflexes. 

Tincture of cloves' buds

For this recipe, you need only 3.5 oz of the fresh officinal cloves' buds and about two pints of red (preferably dry) wine. This tincture must put in a dark and cool (just below normal temperature) place for about a month and a half. Periodically, the remedy shakes and after it will be ready, takes it about two ounces daily. This is great for the insomnia or headache, it helps cope with the migraine and other such pain symptoms. 

Use of Clove's Seeds as Antipyretic Agent 

For the preparation it is needed the clove's seeds in the amount of 0.5-0.7 oz (approximately, one teaspoon with a slide). Also, prepare one teaspoon of dried cornflower's flowers and pour in the mixture with two cups of boiling water. Insist for 30-40 minutes, then begin to drink − a quarter cup, after each meal. 

Clove tree - secrets of folk-medicine 

Seeds of the clove tree also have a wide circulation in folk-medicine, and here we offer several useful recipes, based on this product. 

With Nausea and Vomiting 

In this case, a rather simple and accessible to everybody recipe is used. So, only one tablespoon of the honey is needed, and two or three drops of the cloves oil. A honey, if it is candied, it is better to melt, and, mixed with the clove oil, take it inside. 

With Rheumatism − Essential Oil of Clove Tree 

With this disease it is very advisable to use this method of treatment. The next task is − to make a warm, medicinal bath. To do this, it is sufficient to collect a certain amount of warm water and dissolve in it about five to seven drops of essential oil of clove tree. Then, take a bath for 20 minutes. After such a bath, try to keep the body warm, go to bed and relax. 

At Elementary Cold 

For catarrhal diseases − a bronchitis or strong cough (but without the raised or increased temperature!) the inhalations with application of the clove oil are very effective. To realize this recipe, you need only a pint of water, and only five drops of oil. Boil the broth for five to seven minutes, then − start the inhalation. 

For toothaches 

It is very convenient to use the clove's oil as an analgesic. For this, it is enough just to add two or three drops of oil on the cotton swab, and attach it to the diseased portion of the oral cavity. Small wounds and ulcers in the mouth can be treated similarly. Also, if you are often concerned about the bad breath, it is also advisable to use the clove tree in this case. It is enough chewing some cloves seeds for a few minutes in order that the unpleasant smell no longer disturbs you for a long time.
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