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Benefits and Harms of Capelin
Among the large fish family that are found in the sea and which people consume in food, the capelin is quite common sort. This small fish, as a rule, lives in the upper layers of the water, so its catch does not cause any problems to the fishermen, and in some cases (for example, during the spawning period) this fish can even be thrown ashore. But, our task is not to investigate the life of the capelin, but what value it represents as a useful food product. Therefore, let us consider and evaluate all the useful and harmful qualities of this fish, as well as what qualities it still prevails.
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Useful Properties and Storage Conditions of Octopi
Concerning seafood there are many contradictions regarding the fact that some of them are unpleasant to look at, and even more so, to use. So in the case of the octopus, many who see this delicacy with their own eyes look at it with disgust, but there are many gourmets who really adores this product. The octopus is loved at the expense of its taste or simply very expensive product since along only the octopus's tentacles cost quite a lot. However, in fact, the octopus is also an unusually useful marine product, which is valued for its rich nutritional composition and a lot of useful properties.
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Useful Properties and Harm of Fucus Seaweed. Treatment
The fucus seaweed is one of the most delicious and useful marine plants. They can be easily recognized by their appearance since the surface of these algae has small green bubbles. These seaweed are used not only for culinary purposes, for flavoring or something else, they are often used to treat various diseases, problems with the body and other factors. Often, these algae are also called "sea oak" or "sea grapes" and they are the most widespread along the US coast in the northern part of the region. But, today this seaweed is widely used everywhere and is on sale in many supermarkets and specialty food stores, so it will not be difficult to meet it.
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What is useful and harmful shrimp?
One of the most popular marine products is shrimps. Perhaps, only lazy persons do not eat them, as they have to be cleaned for a long time or those who consider their price significantly overpriced. However, anyway, most of us at least once, but tried this seafood and know what it tastes. But as for their taste qualities it is quite a soft, slightly fragrant meat, which has not only a unique taste, but also a lot of useful properties.
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Marine Algae − Product Benefits
Seaweed is the analogue of a herbaceous plant that grows on land, only adapted to the marine life. In general, many sea plants are called marine algae, and in fact it is the most common grass that grows under water. That is, if we are talking about the ordinary cabbage, and imagine a plant with huge leaves and a head in the middle, then discussing about the marine algae, we can talk about, for example, about a conventional rucola.
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Krill Oil − Useful Properties
A famous marine product among all existing is the krill oil. The last is obtained from the small shrimp crustaceans, which live at the great depths, where the large predatory fish are ate them. Due to way and nature of life, living conditions and body structure, the krill has the very useful polyunsaturated fatty acids that play a particularly important role in the human life. Therefore, considering importance of such acids, a special krill oil was made, which in its enriched and processed form has unique properties that are not inherent in any other products.
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What Is Usefulness of Wakame Seaweed? Usage
Among the flora of ocean and sea depths there is a large quantity of plants, numerous of which are edible and often find their applications in cooking. So, among the numbers of such plants there is the wakame seaweed. They are very aggressive plants because they drive out other plants from their habitat. However, they are quite edible, and besides, they have a lot of useful properties. The first people who felt these qualities on themselves were the inhabitants of Japan and Korea, but today this sea delicacy has reached us, and is used with pleasure as an additive to dishes.
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Nori Seaweed − Useful Properties. Harm
Seafood includes not only fish or shellfish, for example, but also the various types of seaweed and other marine plants. Among many species of algae there is a fairly interesting variety − nori, red seaweeds. To a large extent, these seaweeds grow in the coastal waters of Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand. Most often this product is used for making sushi or rolls, but it can also be found in the other eastern dishes. Also, nori can be called differently, for example, "kusa", which in Japanese means "grass".
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Catfish - Useful Properties and Cooking Recipes
In the fish departments of supermarkets one can meet a fish flesh of "catfish". This fish has a rather frightening appearance, it lives in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific, and in the common people it is called a sea-wolf. In this article, we will consider the useful properties of catfish's fillet, in which cases it is useful to eat, and in which it is better to abstain.
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