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Marine Algae − Product Benefits

Seaweed is the analogue of a herbaceous plant that grows on land, only adapted to the marine life.  In general, many sea plants are called marine algae, and in fact it is the most common grass that grows under water. That is, if we are talking about the ordinary cabbage, and imagine a plant with huge leaves and a head in the middle, then discussing about the marine algae, we can talk about, for example, about a conventional rucola. 

There are many kinds of seaweed, and, as a rule, they can be both annual and perennial. Usually, the most delicious and useful marine algae has the long curly leaves, and besides them the fruit pods are also useful.  In many countries, the seaweed is a national dish, the recipes of which are distributed not only in the territory of these countries, but throughout the world. By the way, not all the cabbage grows in the seas and oceans. Often, there are the freshwater seaweed that is growing on the bottom of mountain rivers or in the deep-water prairie-steppe rivers. 

One of the most common types of the marine algae is the seaside species. So, the petioles of this cabbage are used in cooking as a vegetable product, which looks very similar to the asparagus. In addition, there are the Tatar marine algae, which are also very popular.  

A Little about Harvesting and Storing Marine Algae 

It is amazing, but the marine algae are harvesting quite easily. And this is done absolutely with all components of the plant. Under the concept of "everything", the following parts fall: 

- leaves and shoots;  
- rhizomes;  
- and even the flowers of marine algae.  

By the way, the flowers of marine algae are widely used just in the folk-medicine. Drying of the product takes place outdoors, at low humidity, and also in a place protected from the direct sunlight (for example, under a canopy). As soon as the marine algae's drying come to an end, the product should be packed in the paper bags and put away in a clean, dry place. The shelf life of such seaweed can reach about three years. 

Composition of Marine Algae and Medicinal Properties of This Product 

The composition of this seaweed is truly amazing and abundant.  In two pounds of these plants there is a very decent amount of various vitamins, in particular − vitamins C and B1, as well as the other vitamins of group B. There is a large amount of carotene and various acids, for example, nicotine acid. There is sugar in the marine algae and besides this − micro-elements. In particular, we are talking about: 

- the potassium and phosphorus;  
- the magnesium and sodium.  

And the protein presents in this underwater plant, as well as a large amount of the essential oil.  The marine algae, as a rule, contain the enzymes of lysozymoma. By the way, the composition of not only the leaves, but also the root of the plant is useful. For example, the roots of the marine algae are used as additives and condiments for the various custard dishes. Most often, when using the marine algae, treat the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the kidneys and liver. It is also used in the absence of appetite and with the lack of vitamins or micro-elements in the organism. 

Recipes of Folk-medicine Using Marine Algae

Naturally, with such useful structure, the product simply cannot, but be used in national medicine. Therefore, now we will result the most useful and correct recipes which will help get rid of those or other diseases.  

General Restorative and Immunostimulation Recipe for Seaweed 

It is not difficult to guess that the marine algae are an immunostimulation plant. It is consumed only in a raw form, and it is usually eaten to the full. As a rule, it is recommended to give such seaweeds to the children from five years old. Since this plant usually has a high content of iodine, it can cause an allergic reaction in the very young children (actually, in adults too, but less often). 

Thanks to the use of the marine algae, the risk of colds and other diseases was sharply reduced. According to statistics, eating the marine algae in the diet, it is reduced by 40-45%. In this case, you should not overeat this sea product, thinking that it will be more effective, not at all. It will be enough to consume it once or twice during a meal, about two to three ounces. 

In Disease of Gastrointestinal Tract 

If you have problems with the digestive tract, should follow a strict diet. However, this diet can include and the marine algae. The recipe for cooking it is quite simple. It is necessary to take on about three ounces of dried marine algae roots and pour in 17 ounces of boiling water. After, boil the broth on a low heat for 25-30 minutes. 

Allow the drug cooling. After it, strain it and put the mixture in a glass dish. Store the broth at room temperature, or clean in the refrigerator. The main thing − avoid getting the sunlight. Take the medicine for half an hour before eating, in the amount of two to three oz. As a rule, after a short period, a significant reduction in pain and general improvement in digestion will be felt. 

If There is no Appetite 

There is also such that the appetite simply disappears somewhere. This is by no means the best sign and perhaps indicative of the development of some disease. In such a situation, a recipe from the marine algae, which looks like this, will be very useful: prepare four tablespoons of crushed marine algae leaves and its flowers, pouring in them with 17 ounces of the boiling water. Then, cover the mixture with a lid and allow it to settle to room temperature. Take it each time 20-25 minutes before eating, about one to two oz. 

Recipe for normalization of blood pressure 

To make a decoction that normalizes blood pressure, it is necessary to take the root of the marine algae and crush it to a powdery state. Take one teaspoon of powder and dilute it with about two ounces of water, then proceed to use. Take the medicine should be 50-60 minutes before meals, about two times a day. The first symptoms of the pressure normalization will come in three to four days after the administration of such a remedy.  

Decoction in Prevention of Scurvy 

It happens when the body begins to disturb such an unpleasant disease as scurvy. To prevent it, you need to make the following prescription. Firstly, brew the fresh leaves of the marine algae, and the ready-made broth can be added to the green tea. Naturally, the decoction, as well as the tea, will have a specific and perhaps unpleasant smell, but you just need to endure it, as a daily consumption of broth of marine algae (in the amount of about two ounces per day) will significantly reduce the signs of scurvy in a short time (approximately two or three weeks). By the way, even though the broth will be cooked under the influence of high temperature, it will still contain the vitamins and minerals. 

Thus, it must be remembered that the seaweed is indeed an excellent remedy in the fight against the aforementioned diseases (and not only). However, in turn, you need to remember about the contraindications that arise when using this product.

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