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Useful Properties and Storage Conditions of Octopi

Concerning seafood there are many contradictions regarding the fact that some of them are unpleasant to look at, and even more so, to use. So in the case of the octopus, many who see this delicacy with their own eyes look at it with disgust, but there are many gourmets who really adores this product. The octopus is loved at the expense of its taste or simply very expensive product since along only the octopus's tentacles cost quite a lot. However, in fact, the octopus is also an unusually useful marine product, which is valued for its rich nutritional composition and a lot of useful properties. 

This Mediterranean product is really very valuable because its composition cannot help, but surprise. Well, let us look at the useful properties of the octopus, and find out why it is so popular and expensive. 

Useful Composition of Octopus Meat 

As for the useful composition, it has a twofold nature here. And it all depends on what kind of the octopus you have to offer. So, there is the meat of a common octopus, which lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and of the giant octopus − this marine creature dwells in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. In view of the species difference of these marine creatures, the useful composition of their meat has a different nature. 

The meat of the common octopus is more caloric, it has more proteins and fats, and also more cholesterol. It is also noteworthy that carbohydrates are present in the body of the common octopus, while they are absent in the giant one. However, we will give the ratio of these substances in both of them: 

- caloric value of the common octopus of 70 kcal, the Pacific one − of 48 kcal (further, respectively);
- 13g of proteins against 10.5g; 
- 2g carbohydrates vs. 0g; 
- 0,9g of fat against 0,7g; 
- 41mg of cholesterol vs. 2mg. 

Also, it is different and water content in the octopus meat. In the meat of the common octopus there are about 80%, in the giant one - 84%. As for organic substances and microelements, here their structures are very similar. And in both, there are: 

- iron and selenium; 
- copper and phosphorus; 
- potassium and zinc; 
- niacin and other substances. 

All these nutritional components, one way or another, are reflected in the beneficial properties of these products, and with respect to the octopuses, in this regard, many conclusions can be drawn. 

Useful Properties of Octopus Meat 

In many ways, the useful properties of octopus meat depend on the presence of fatty acids in it. They help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases; very effectively help with their treatment, help get rid of depression and low spirits. Also, they prevent the onset of many other diseases, including the cancer. 

In addition, fatty acids significantly increase the brain activity. Thus, the people who are often engaged in mental work, spent much time with books and papers, it is useful to eat the octopus meat. By the way, it is not for nothing that the business meetings of business partners in the cafes and restaurants take place at a table where the meat of these octopuses is often present on. Its role is very significant in such professions. 

Organic acids are present in the octopus meat, in particular, there is an acid called taurine. It is very effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the organs of vision. This acid helps reduce blood pressure, as well as eye one. It will significantly help reduce cholesterol in the blood, even though in the octopus meat there is also cholesterol. However, this is far from the cholesterol that lingers in our human body, and is not withdrawn for a long time, leading to serious illnesses. 

A very unpleasant disease that is often observed in the children and adults is asthma. Not so long ago it was proving that the octopus meat significantly reduces the risk of disease and the development of this disease itself. It is important to understand that the simple using of the octopus meat will not help. For this, it is necessary to consult a specialized doctor who can make the right prescription for the use of this product. However, you should be aware that the octopus meat can really help in the treatment of asthma. 

Also, the octopus has a positive effect on other lung diseases, for example, for the treatment of bronchitis. Moreover, it is surprising that this product can relieve of the chronic bronchitis, which, as a rule, is very difficult to treat. 

How Properly to Store Octopus Meat? 

There are not any contraindications for the octopus meat. However, it should be understood that when you buy it is important to comply with the rules of storage. Otherwise, you will not even notice how it can be deteriorated, and nevertheless use it. Therefore, for proper maintenance, it is enough to store meat in the freezer of the refrigerator at a low temperature, approximately of −66.2 °F. The average shelf life of this product under such conditions is about two months. At the end of this period, we do not advise you to use this meat since this may entail not the best consequences.

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