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What is useful and harmful shrimp?

One of the most popular marine products is shrimps. Perhaps, only lazy persons do not eat them, as they have to be cleaned for a long time or those who consider their price significantly overpriced. However, anyway, most of us at least once, but tried this seafood and know what it tastes. But as for their taste qualities it is quite a soft, slightly fragrant meat, which has not only a unique taste, but also a lot of useful properties. 

All these properties depend on the composition of the product, its vitamins and minerals, organic and other substances. Also, the useful properties directly depend on the habitat of plants or living beings in which they are adapted. In this way, the marine organisms do not receive sunlight; they do not receive oxygen in their pure form, in comparison these are obtained by the terrestrial organisms. They have to synthesize oxygen from the water, and at the expense of this continue their vital activity. In the case of the shrimps, we can say that they feed, in fact, garbage from the bottom of the sea. However, thanks to this garbage, in the result, it turns out a useful and unique culinary product from the shrimps. 

In Nutshell about Shrimp's Composition 

It cannot say that the shrimp contains a lot of calories; they are only about 100 kcal per 100g of the product. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the shrimp portion provides the body by almost half the daily protein (about 48%). In addition, the benefits of the shrimp are the low content carbohydrates and fats. 

In the product there is a mass of nutrients and minerals that provide a certain amount of the daily requirement in these substances:

- phosphorus, about 17%;  
- iron, about 19%;  
- copper, about 10%;  
- selenium, about 65%;  
- zinc and magnesium, in the amount of about 20%.  

All these substances, together with the vitamins (a large amount of vitamins A and C, also vitamin D), provide the meat of shrimps with many useful properties, which we confidently approached now.

Useful Properties of Shrimp Meat 

The useful properties of shrimps are not limited for something one, and affect many systems of the body functioning. So, for example, the shrimps have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart. They help increase the amount of useful cholesterol in the blood, respectively, reducing the level of harmful cholesterol − one that provokes the development of diseases. In addition, the presence of vitamin B12 in the shrimp helps the organism overcome the effects of harmful substances in the blood, destroy molecules of harmful homocysteine, whose, in its turn, impedes the blood flow through the veins and vessels. 

The Omega-3 is also present, which helps in the treatment of a variety of heart diseases and will simply be useful as a prophylactic drug.  

Using of the shrimps significantly reduces the pressure, so they also need to use by those persons who have it increased. The latter can arise from different causes − the occurrence of diseases, or other factors, for example, poor unbalanced diet, constant stresses and sedentary lifestyle. In all these cases, the shrimps will help get rid of pressure, if only you get rid of the above factors. Then, the risk of a rise in the pressure will be simply miserable.  

The shrimps also render significant assistance against the Alzheimer's. This is a fairly common serious disease, which is accompanied by a decrease in intellectual abilities, and ultimately leads to the mental retardation. So, due to the presence of fatty acids and Omega-3 in the shrimps, they significantly reduce the risk of the symptoms of this disease, improving the performance and productivity of the brain. In addition, the presences of depressed mood among the people are observed quite often, and it can also be neutralized with the help of the shrimps. The same substances and enzymes that make up the shrimp help reduce the nervous disorders or depression, affecting the nerve cells of the organism. Thus, the shrimps act as an antidepressant substance. 

Myths Related to Shrimp Use 

Perhaps, many have heard that the shrimps as organisms that eat the sea waste are sources of the mercury. The last, in turn, is certainly dangerous, but in fact, it is just a myth blown up by magazines and newspapers. In fact, the presence of the mercury in these marine creatures does exist, but its amount is simply ridiculously and even eating the shrimps in large quantities, we can safely say that nothing will happen to you. 

However, the daily rate of shrimp consumption is about 300-350g of a shrimp meat, and, in fact, their meat itself, and not the fully shrimp as a whole. During eating, almost half of the shrimp is not used. It is also useful to note that in case of the allergic reactions when eating, the shrimps should be discarded and there is something eat that is allowed.

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