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Nettle in Fight Against Diseases of Respiratory System

A nettle is one of the most useful plants in the fight against diseases of the respiratory system. Everyone knows such an unpleasant disease as the bronchitis. It happens acute, not sharpened and so on. In this article, we will look at ways to combat the bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system, and see how effective the treatment is. The nettle for this is suitable, just in time. 

Few people know that the nettle contains a large amount of iron and protein, various vitamins and acids, which have a strengthening and stimulating effect. Also, the nettle stimulates metabolism and protein metabolism, which also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs. In addition, the nettle greatly helps strengthen immunity. That is why, it is often used in the treatment of bronchitis and other diseases. 

Fighting with Chronic and Allergic Bronchitis

For effective treatment of the chronic bronchitis, you need a few good recipes. So, take a look at one of these. 

Preparation of the recipes begins with the preparation of components. To do this, you need about four pieces of ledum, about two parts of oregano and one part of the leaves of the nettle (obligatorily dioecious). In addition, prepare one part of the birch buds. 

The preparation begins with a thorough grinding of all the ingredients and herbs. After, they must be mixed with each other and thoroughly boiled. The calculation is taken the following: for every two tablespoons of the mixture, you need to cook about 17 oz of the boiling water. To use as follows: one third of a cup three times a day, be sure after eating. 

To combat the allergic bronchitis, a recipe is used with several other herbs. Prepare the following components: about five tablespoons of licorice root (pre-crushed thoroughly), the tripartite beggar-ticks and the nettle leaves (also dioecious), two tablespoons of each. In addition, two or three tablespoons, for cooking: 

- elecampane (high) root; 
- leaves of the plantain; 
- calamus root; 
- flowers of the oregano and the violet.

And for the wild camomile and the yarrow grass will require three tablespoons of everyone. 

The abundant variety of herbs is explained by the fact that allergic bronchitis is a very difficult disease; so many different components are needed to overcome it. Preparing of this medicine is much easier. To do this, it is sufficient to grind all the listed components and mix with each other. Then, every two tablespoons of the mixture are pouring with 17 oz of the boiling water. Infuse the remedy for two hours, wrapped it in a blanket or a towel. Take, like in the first case three times a day after eating, about one-third of a cup of medicine. 

Treating with Nettle from Tuberculosis 

In fact, the nettle is also effective in the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. And in this case there are quite a lot of different recipes, but we will quote the most effective of them, helping cope with this terrible disease: 

1. So, the recipes are very simple and for one of them you need only 0.5 ounces of the crushed nettle leaves, the same number of the lungwort and the plantain. Also, prepare about 0.7 ounces of the horsetail. To make a decoction take advantage of the boiling water − suffuse with a cup of boiling water about one teaspoon of this herbal gathering, then insist for about ten minutes and strain. Next, you can start drinking a decoction − for this, you need to drink three cups of mixture per day (no matter before or after meals). 

2. The second prescription when the struggle with tuberculosis is slightly different from the first is and for its preparation it is necessary to prepare other components. So, traditionally in our decoction there will be the nettles (dioecious) − about three parts of their leaves. In addition, prepare also three parts of the yarrow and the kidney lilac, and another − five parts of the sage (naturally, medicinal). 

The preparation consists in simply grinding and mixing all the components. Next, brew about 0.5-0.7 ounces mixture at 25 ounces of boiling water. Then, insist it on a water bath and after 30 minutes − drain. Such tea should be consumed up to three times a day, before meals. The course of treatment is − three months with a break for one month. 

Fighting with Bronchial Asthma 

An unpleasant and painful disease is − the bronchial asthma. For its struggle, there is one effective prescription using the dioecious nettle. To make it, you need one teaspoon of the nettle seed, and one tablespoon of the paddy seed. 

Preparing as follows: suffuse the mixture of seeds with boiling water (about 20 oz), then boil on low heat again up to 15 minutes. Then, cover the mixture with a lid and wrap it with a towel for two hours. After the broth cools down, drain and begin to drink − one hour before a meal for four ounces at once (up to three-four times a day). 

With the bronchial asthma, it is very effective to do inhalation with the nettle. By the way, this is suitable for both coughing and cold. For this, it is necessary to take about one ounce of the ledum and 0.5 ounces of the chopped nettle (this time, the stinging-nettle). In addition, prepare one leaf of an ornithogalum (Indian onion, available at any pharmacy). 

Grind the first two ingredients and mix among them, suffuse 0.5 pints of boiling water. Then, insist for an hour, preheat and start to use. For inhalation of this folk-remedy it is necessary to take a sheet of Indian onion, straighten and stretch it, putting it on the bridge of the nose (with the second sheet to wipe the neck and chest). Next, proceed to inhale the vapor of the nettle infusion with a ledum. In addition, this infusion is allowed to be consumed inside. This recipe is very effective for children. 

Medicinal Bath of Nettle for Cold

Among other things, you can use the other medication. The nettle is great for preparing a medicinal bath, which we now learn how to do it. So, first of all, prepare the necessary ingredients: one tablespoon of the chopped ledum, one tablespoon of the dioecious nettle powder and five tablespoons of eucalyptus tincture. 

To make a bath you need to make a eucalyptus tincture. Prepare it very simply − take the eucalyptus oil (you can buy it from a pharmacy) and mix it with medical alcohol. The calculation is approximately the following: for 0.5 oz of the essential oil you need about 2 oz of this alcohol. Next, take the Indian onion and, after warming up it, add to the mixture. Occlude the bottle and store a week in a dark place, stirring the contents daily. On this, the cooking tincture is ready, it is only necessary to add the ledum and the nettle, and mix the whole mixture in the bathroom (you can add in a little sea salt). Take a bath should be no more than one or two times a week. 

Simple Recipe to Pleurisy 

To struggle with the pleurisy, prepare about 0.7 oz of crushed leaves of dioecious nettle, as well as the root of a dandelion. In addition, take 0.4 oz of the field horsetail. To prepare enough grind all the ingredients and suffuse two teaspoons of the herbal gathering 8.5 oz by boiling water. All this is insisting for 15 minutes and strain. 

Start to use − for this, you need to take one cup of infusion to three times a day. That is all. In conclusion, we add that the use of nettle, as a means of fighting disease has been recognized by many doctors of traditional medicine, which is worth a lot.

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