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Raspberry, Rubbed with Sugar. Recipe and Useful Properties

Useful properties of such berries, as raspberry, are well-known to all of us. In fact, the raspberry − is a wild half-shrub, which was long ago cultivated by humans, and not in vain. And the fruits of this shrub are extremely useful for a person today. Therefore, in this material we will consider how to make one of the most useful dishes − raspberry, rubbed with sugar. 

However, for a start, we will consider all the basic and useful properties of the raspberry itself, for it is the main source of benefits and vitamins. So, first of all, we note that in the raspberries there are only 10% of sugars, and besides, the chemical composition contains a lot of organic acids and their salts, vitamins A and C, a group of vitamins B. There is about 20% of fatty oil in the raspberry seeds. So these very small bones (which many people so do not like) also have many useful properties. In addition, in the raspberry there is a large amount of tannins and pectin (up to 1%), as well as fibre (about 5-7%) and flavonoids. Present and the mineral substances, such as: 

- zinc and cobalt;  
- calcium and potassium;  
- magnesium and provitamin A. 

It contains many useful organic acids, for example, salicylic one. By the by, in the raspberry there is not so much vitamin C. There are the most of all iron in this berry. So, in the raspberry it is even more than in cherries or gooseberry. And the oil contained in its seeds, and the beta-sitosterol has anti-sclerotic properties, which is also very important. As a result, the raspberry (and all its derivatives − jam, teas, syrups) helps in the fight against colds, with angina or flu, and so on. Thus, it is time to consider how the raspberry is rubbed with sugar, which fully possesses all the same useful properties listed above. 

Recipe for Rubbed Raspberry with Sugar 

To begin with, prepare all the necessary ingredients. To do this, you need only 2.2 pounds of fresh raspberries, and exactly the same amount of sugar. Fresh raspberries must be spread out on the table and thoroughly cleaned, removing excess sprigs, leaves or insects that may also get into. Also, the raspberries can have the traces from the presence of insects on it; this raspberry has an unpleasant taste and even is harmful. 

After carefully sorting the raspberries, add sugar to them, and with help of wooden pestle, mixing the raspberries with sugar. As for the amount of sugar, it is necessary to remember such a thing − the longer you plan to keep the delicacy, the more sugar you need to add. So, for example, if you are going to prepare a raspberry, rubbed with sugar up to a year (but not more than two), you should prepare about three-four pounds of sugar and  about two pounds of raspberries. If the raspberry jam will be stored from two weeks to three months, it is enough to add the proportions of raspberries and sugar in the amount of one-to-one. 

It is important the duration of rubbing the berries. It depends largely on how concentrated will be the product you want to get in the end. For example, many people like it when the raspberries are rubbed without residues − only the raspberry jam and the petty bones remained there are in it. And there are also such amateurs, who like when in the raspberry jam are bits of the berries which are rubbed not up to the end. Thus, on average, the time for rubbing the raspberries is about 10-20 minutes. An important point is also what kind of dishes it is necessary to use non-oxidizing dishes - these are enameled casseroles or bowls, glass or plastic containers. The pestle must be made of wood, and if possible, do not use  the mincers or blenders. 

Now, you need to prepare the jars. It is advisable to use small jars, the volume from half-litre to one litre, after which, thoroughly wash them and steam out in a water bath. Thus, in the sterilized jars, put the finished jam over all the jars almost completely, leaving about 0.6-0.8 inches from the jar's neck. Further, on top of the jam, pour a small layer of sugar (about 0.4 in.) over the entire surface. This is necessary in order that during storage of the jam sugar is congealing into a crisp. So it will protect the jam from the contact with air, which means that it will be stored longer. If you plan to make jam for a short time, then sugar is not necessary to add. 

Now, you have to close the jars lids tightly, and cover them for 3-4 days with a blanket.  Next, put the jars in a dark, cool place. Thus, the raspberries, rubbed with sugar, will be an excellent medicinal product at any convenient moment for you, or simply a delicious treat that you can indulge both in summer and especially in winter.

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