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Treatment of Kidney and Liver with Nettle

Few people know that the benefits of nettle are very, very extensive. And, in addition that it will help cope with diseases of the respiratory system or digestive organs, it is able to help and such organs as the kidneys and liver, as well as the urinary and bile-excreting tracts. Now, we will consider the most effective recipes that will show that the nettle is not just a useful product, but it will also render a truly medicinal effect on the organism. 

With Stones in the Kidney or Liver 

Stones in the kidneys and liver are − a very common problem. And, if earlier this trouble concerned mostly the aged people, today, this ailment often manifests itself even in the children. Linger with such illnesses it is impossible for a second; therefore at once it is necessary to start treatment. We offer a very effective recipe based on dioecious nettles. 

To prepare the recipe you need about seven tablespoons of this herb, as well as the flowers of wild camomile. In addition, you need to prepare a peppermint and knotgrass (in other words − knotweed). The additional ingredients are a horsetail, an immortelle and rosehip fruits. Prepare the following way: grind all the ingredients and mix with each other. Then, pour in six-seven cups of the boiling water, and boil over a low heat for another ten minutes. Take half a cup for half an hour before eating. Be treating for three months with a break of ten days. The full course of it is one year. 

Treatment of Pyelonephritis with Medicinal Nettle

The use of nettle is also reflected in the treatment of such an unpleasant disease as pyelonephritis. As a rule, with this disease, an abundant diet and an easily digestible food are recommended. However, in the periods between the disease exacerbations (and pyelonephritis manifests itself precisely with the exacerbations) and it is necessary to take infusions of herbs and plants. 

In this recipe is involved the dioecious nettle − it must be taken in the amount of 0.7 oz. Also, prepare leaves of the weeping birch and flax seeds − of 0.5 ounces and 1.8 ounces, respectively. Among other things, you need about 0.4 oz crushed strawberry leaves. Preparing begins with the fact that all the ingredients need to be crushed thoroughly, and then, mixed with each other. Further, one tablespoon of the dry mixture should be brewed on one cup of hot water, preferably − boiling. Then, infuse the remedy for about two-three hours. 

The medication intake is very simple: as little as one-two cups in a warm state, before eating throughout the day. As is known, the pyelonephritis is a disease associated with the salts' deposition in the kidneys. In the future, this can be led to the formation of stones. Therefore, the treatment of this ailment is very important. For prevention, you can also take infusion of the nettle with a honey − this will improve the kidney function. 

Use of Nettle in Cholecystitis 

A very unpleasant disease is the cholecystitis too. However, his treatment is also possible with the use of medicinal nettles. So, to prepare a recipe, you need two parts of the nettle leaves and the same number of rosehip fruits. Also, prepare one part of Jacob's-ladder root and hare's-ears grass, as well as one part of knotgrass. All components can be purchased at the pharmacy. 

To prepare, you must grind all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Add about 25 oz of the boiling water to the resulting mixture (approximately three tablespoons of the mixture). After, infuse the decoction for two-three hours and drain. Take half a cup of infusion, three to four times a day, about 20-30 minutes before eating, for eight weeks. After a ten-day break, continue the reception. 

Thus, it is exactly the dioecious nettle that will help with the treatment of such serious diseases. Of course, it should be understood that treatment should not be limited to these recipes alone, and you should definitely consult a doctor.

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