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Benefits and Harm of Jerusalem Artichoke, Cooking Recipes
One of the most useful root crops − a Jerusalem artichoke, has many unique names. It is called a wild sunflower, an earth apple or a sunchoke. However, no matter how they call this plant, its useful properties and therapeutic methods of application remain on the top.
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Useful Properties of Momordica, Cooking Recipes
Nowadays in the market you can often find a kind of fruit of a bright orange (up to bright red) color, on the surface of which the small something like suckers are visible, and inside it contains the red and delicious fetuses. This former exotic south plant is called the Momordica (Charantia).
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Useful Properties and Contraindications of Mustard Greens
We are all used to imply under the mustard a brown mass, known for its sharp specific taste. But, only some of us are aware of the mustard greens, which is a very useful product. So, this plant has large leaves, the edges of which have a serrated surface, and the taste of these leaves are very warm and aromatic, naturally, with a very sharp aftertaste. It is more interesting that the mustard greens can and simply needs to be consumed fresh with salads, adding to the other dishes and so on.
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Useful Properties and Recipes of Rutabaga
Unfortunately, the rutabaga is unfairly almost forgotten, and today it is often confused with fodder beet. But, this is a completely different plant that belongs to the cabbage family. Externally, the rutabaga strongly resembles turnips. Inside the rutabaga has a juicy, sweetish flesh of yellow hue.
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Useful and Harmful Properties of Arugula
A vivid representative of cruciferous plants in cooking is an arugula. This plant, which belongs to the cabbage family, is a cruciferous representative whose properties are very-very valuable. A lot of plants of this family are known, and all of them are famous for their useful properties. Here, and the arugula is no exception, and it is a very interesting plant uncharacteristic of many others. The arugula is one of salads that has a very specific and spicy taste.
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More About Beneficial Properties of Beets
Among the most common root-crops in the Slavic cuisine (and not only in these countries), is beets or in daily use – beetroots. This is a vegetable crop, which is native to the Mediterranean. Surprisingly, just the beets' leaves at first are used in the food quality. And only after some time, the root itself began to appear in the human diet. This vegetable was very popular in the territory of the Roman Empire, and it was known to the ancient Greeks.
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Napa Cabbage – Useful Properties
Currently a napa cabbage is considered one of the most delicious and favorite foods for any kitchen, especially in the East Asian cuisine. It is added to various delicious and healthy dishes, and at the same time this cabbage has valuable qualities that are beneficial to the health of the human body.
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Unique Properties of Artichoke − What Is Its Secret?
Almost all fetuses of fruits and vegetables, which we eat in the daily diet, ripen almost in an identical manner. In most cases, they appear only after the flowers of the plant have completely blossomed, then their fetuses are ripened, and only then we pick the mellow ones and eat them. However, in the case of the vegetable we are considering in this material, the situation is somewhat different.
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Daikon Radish − Benefits, Cooking Recipes
Today, on the vegetable stores' shelves you can find a fairly large and oblong vegetable, which looks very much like carrots, but in color it is white. This vegetable is called a "daikon", and its homeland is Central Asia and the Far East. In China and Japan, for example, the daikon is considered a very useful culinary product, which can be prepared in the thousand and one way.
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Swiss chard − Use and Application
This very interesting and tasty plant can be called a "Swiss chard". Simply put, the Swiss chard is a beet, but not quite ordinary. In contrast to the usual vegetable, which we value for a delicious and nutritious root crop, this chard has the edible leaves, but the inedible root. In turn, the Swiss chards themselves are of two types − petiolate and foliar.
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