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Leek – Useful Properties, Application and Contraindications
One of the most useful and tasty plants of the onion's family is considered a leek. Currently, the leek remains the most popular product in the family of onion in the Mediterranean region, possessing a sweetish taste and a lack of sharp flavor.
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Favorite Potatoes − Benefits and Harm
Many people know that South America (Bolivia) is the motherland of potatoes, right there, after discovery, it was discovered this vegetable. By the way, the potato was classified as a vegetable not because it has the useful and tasty tubers, but because of the fruits of the potatoes (green balls) that are knitted up on the tops. However, these fruits are poisonous, so we will not return to them again. Let us consider the useful properties of the potato tubers itself, which are often used in cooking, and in addition, are used in folk-medicine and cosmetology. Well, consider everything in order.
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What Are Medicinal Properties of Carrots?
One of the most useful and common root-crops from the vegetable garden bed is a carrot. It is included, perhaps, in the top five most useful vegetables and occupies there a confident and honorable place. The carrots are pampered by the children, it is liked by the herbivores, in particular the rabbits and these vegetables are recommended to give to the little babies which have already cut their teeth. The carrots are a two-year-old culture, as in one year it grows the fruit itself, and in the second year gives the mature seeds that can be harvested and saved until the next disembarkation.
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Whole Truth about Garlic
Such a vegetable as garlic is not required in the presentation because everyone knows about it. Also everyone knows that the garlic is a useful product, but its positive qualities are not always clearly visible. Yes, everyone knows that it helps during colds, and on this, by and large, that is and all knowledge. In fact, the garlic has many other, equally useful properties, about that you need to know, the same as the fact that it helps during the flu. Similarly, not everyone knows the harmful properties of the garlic but in fact they too are.
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