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Napa Cabbage – Useful Properties

Currently a napa cabbage is considered one of the most delicious and favorite foods for any kitchen, especially in the East Asian cuisine. It is added to various delicious and healthy dishes, and at the same time this cabbage has valuable qualities that are beneficial to the health of the human body. 

In this article we will discuss how useful the napa cabbage, how it can be used as a culinary product, and as a means of folk-medicine. 

The napa cabbage's leaves are extremely tender, juicy, have excellent taste and perfectly complement the taste of other foods. This cabbage is ideal for the salads and the side dishes, the stewing, the boiling, the frying and the soups. However, the most valuable it is considered in raw and fresh forms. 

Use Napa Cabbage 

Useful properties of this cabbage are due to the rich chemical composition. So, the selenium, the manganese and copper, the zinc, the other minerals such as ferrum, phosphorus, potassium and sodium contain in the napa cabbage. 

There are the vitamins in it − vitamins C and A, vitamins K and PP. In addition, this product contains the alkaloids and the amino acids, which play an important role for our organism. The organic acids are other components, which give it also the valuable properties. 

The napa cabbage perfectly strengthens the immune system, is a preventive measure for the radiation sickness, it is valuable in the presence of gastric or intestinal ulcers. This cabbage is useful in the diseases of heart, including the blood vessels and the entire circulatory system. A cabbage's juice was used and is still used for the treatment of diabetes, the prevention of chronic gastritis, the normal operation of digestive tract. Modern scientists have established that the lysine, a component presents in the composition of napa cabbage, is capable of killing foreign proteins and bacteria, as well as preventing the occurrence of allergies. Also, this product contains the lactucin, which significantly calms the nerves and helps restore the pressure, relief from the insomnia, improved the metabolism. The napa cabbage is a wonderful product for the prevention of atherosclerosis. 

A regular consumption of napa cabbage in a fresh form will help get rid of headaches, stress and clean the mucosa gastric from the toxic substances. Along with that, this cabbage perfectly removes the products of decay, and eliminates the constipations. The vegetable's juice helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, as well as the mucosa of throat. 

The napa cabbage is low in calories – only 16 Kcal per 100 grams, so it is considered one of the best remedies for weight loss. For this reason, this cabbage is included in the program of diets. In addition, this vegetable the has the ability of long storaging, including the preservation of the beneficial vitamins and minerals in its composition. 

Salad with Green Onions and Napa Cabbage 

To prepare this salad you will need: 

- napa cabbage – a little more 1 lb; 
- vegetable oil – 1.7 oz; 
- vinegar – 1 teaspoon; 
- green onion – three stalks. 

The napa cabbage's large leaves cut into three parts. Chopped leaves pour with a dressing of vegetable oil with vinegar, mixed and placed in a bowl. The salad sprinkled with green onions, which are pre-sliced rings. 

A juice with the napa cabbage: a green apple, a few leaves of napa cabbage, one small root of celery and the juice of half a lemon. 

The napa cabbage salad is a favorite for the most men. For its preparation it must be cut into the cubes and mix the napa cabbage, the ham, the cheese, the tomatoes, the cucumbers and the eggs. The secret of such salad in the proportions of ingredients: everything should be in the ratio of 1:1. Once the products are cut and mixed, they seasoned by the mayonnaise at the rate of two tablespoons of mayonnaise for 18 oz of salad. 

Stuffed napa cabbage leaves are a very tasty vegetarian dish. For their preparation it is necessary to mix the boiled rice with the grated carrots and stew for five minutes. This is a filler of cabbage-rolls. Then, separate the leaves from the napa cabbage and pour them with boiling water. Wrap the rice with the carrots by these leaves. The cabbage-rolls boil 5-15 minutes, depending on their size. If you cannot twist the leaves so that they are not unfolded, they can be secured with some toothpicks, but before serving, remove them and these cabbage rolls pour over with a sour cream.
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