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Useful Properties and Contraindications of Mustard Greens

We are all used to imply under the mustard a brown mass, known for its sharp specific taste. But, only some of us are aware of the mustard greens, which is a very useful product. So, this plant has large leaves, the edges of which have a serrated surface, and the taste of these leaves are very warm and aromatic, naturally, with a very sharp aftertaste. It is more interesting that the mustard greens can and simply needs to be consumed fresh with salads, adding to the other dishes and so on. 

The mustard greens have many useful properties and medicinal uses, which you will read about in this material. Also, you will find out what the harm and danger of this product may be hidden.

Nutritional Properties and Caloric Value of Mustard Greens

So, surprisingly, this leafy vegetable has components that are unusual for it. The mustard greens contain proteins, which, as a rule, are absent in the other greenery. In addition, in the composition of the mustard there are many vitamins, in particular − vitamins A and E, vitamin C and vitamin K, vitamins of the group B − B6 and B9. On this, the useful composition of the product does not end because there are useful minerals in this vegetable, such as:

- iron and phosphorus; 
- calcium and copper; 
- manganese and potassium; 
- zinc and more than 37 trace elements. 

 As for the caloric content, then, alas, it is not high − only 20 kcal per 100 g of the product. However, given the fact that mustard greens contain a large amount of the dietary fibre, it is an excellent dietary product. 

Useful Properties of Mustard Greens 

A lot of useful properties are attributed to the mustard greens. Some of them are fictions, others − on the contrary, true. Let us look at the properties that the mustard possesses on 100%, so as not to mislead you.

Well, the first undeniable property of the mustard greens are the protection of the cardiovascular system as a whole. The people suffering from cardiovascular diseases do not just have to pay attention to the mustard, but also make up a whole graph of the use of this product. So, it will reduce the risk of diseases of a sharp or protracted nature; reduce the activity of the chronic heart diseases. It is interesting that the mustard greens help get rid of strokes and in some cases to relieve people of advanced age and from heart attacks. Also, mustard helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is also important in the prevention or treatment of such ailments. And all this is due to the presence in this mustard of the unique substances in large quantities, namely − the folic acid. It is the mustard greens are one of the major sources of this substance, while yielding first place only for the turnips.

The mustard renders and, as it would not seem doubtful, the anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, the fresh leaves of the product contains vitamin K, fatty amino acids and omega-3, which due to their properties, significantly reduce the inflammation of cells and tissues, respectively, of the organs and skin surface.

One of the key useful properties of this mustard is considered an effective fight against the cancer. The vegetable acts as a protective agent, helping rid the organism of the spontaneous inflammation and the action of malignant cells. The antioxidants, which are part of the product, have antitumor properties, and it is in the mustard greens that they have 23 % more influence than any other vegetable or fruit (along with Brussels sprouts). In addition, this mustard is used to combat cancer not only in fresh form, but also, it is part of the drugs that are used in the oncology. Therefore, often in the composition of the expensive drugs are precisely the enzymes derived from a leaf of mustard.

In addition, leafy mustard has a significant effect on the external surface of the skin and the internal organs of a person − it helps to rejuvenate, helps with pains in the joints and bones, reduces the body fatigue and increases the reaction time.

The Harmful Properties of Mustard Greens 

Unfortunately, the mustard greens do not always have a positive effect on the digestive system. It can also cause inflammation and heaviness in the stomach, increase the salt concentration in the genitourinary organs. It does not always have the best impact on the functioning of the gallbladder. Therefore, if there are any problems with these organs, it is necessary to reduce to a considerable extent or completely stop the use of the mustard.

In addition, it can cause the allergic reactions, so if you do not know the features of your body's behavior to the end, consult a doctor as whether or not it is worth using the mustard greens in your case.

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